Nov 11 2011
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Can't connect to people in ANY game

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My family got a new router and, as the title says, I can't connect to people. I can log on to psn, I can watch Netflix, I can use the internet but when I join a friends party, I disconnect.
My connection test things are:

IP Address: Succeeded

Internet Connection: Succeeded
PlayStation Network: Succeeded
UPnP: Not Available (and I did enable it)
NAT Type: 2

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Re: Can't connect to people in ANY game

Nov 11, 2011

UPnP not available is the key to what is going on. Your router runs a firewall, blocking network connections. The PS3 can't tell the router what ports to open and what it's IP is, because UPnP is not available and that is what UPnP does.

It's a bit of work, but you can fix this problem yourself.

1) convert your PS3 to a static IP. Just bring up the interface and write down what all your settings are, then set the IP (preferably to an IP that is a) on your home LAN but b) not in the range of IPs that the DHCP server can hand out) statically.

Then go to and find your router. You will find good instructions there to poke the holes in the firewall the PS3 needs to play online. You're basically mapping the external IP and port to your PS3's static IP and port (and specifying tcp, udp, or both).

(you  do need to have administrative rights on your router to do this work: key, necessary)

Is the Playstation support page with the list of ports that you need to open for core PSN functions. Please note that specific games may require more ports. Look in the support forums for the maker of the game in question to check for additional ports.

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