Nov 02 2011
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Can't connect to game servers!!!!!

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I just recently upgraded my router's (Linksys:E3000) firmware to fix all the bug and to enable UPnP.  One day I wanted to play some COD:Black Ops, the game popped up with a message saying," that it could not connect to server. Please vist..."  At first I just thought I had to update the game but that usually happens automatically when you start the game.  I've tried Mortal Kombat, Unchartedv 2 and they give me the same message that it cannot connect to server.  I've opened all the ports that the Sony tech support told me to forward.  I even set up the DMZ on my router and it still won't let me connect to any online server.  The weird thing is I can connect to the PSN and Netflix no problem.  I even downloaded games from the PS store not to long ago.  I'm really confused and been googling the hell out anything I can do and still get no results.Does anyone know what else I can do??  I want to play Uncharted 3 online!!!!!!!!!!

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