Jul 18 2013
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Can't buy it (Uncharted 3) on PSN

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When I try to buy the game on PSN I get an error: "We have encountered an error while trying to process your order. The transaction has not been completed. Please try again later." After that message the money the game cost was added to my PSN wallet.


My question is, why do I get this error? How can I fix it? Been waiting a day now and the problem persists. Could it be because I have the free multilayer and PS+ free single player installed? Seems unlikely though...


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Re: Can't buy it on PSN

Jul 18, 2013

Quite a few with this error Shipa,its nothing to do with the mess of downloads that come with the ftp as i tried both with and without it.

Do yourself a favour and get the disk would be my advice.

Decent link if youre in the Uk.

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