Jul 17 2013
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Can't bid for greatness even thought I live in the US

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Hello everyone.

Before I begin, I did try contacting support through live chat but they don't seem to be able to understand my issue so they couldn't help me.

My issue is with this new thing Sony has added which is 'Bid for Greatness' where you use your own hard earned PSN Gold Trophies to get the stuff posted there. I tried signing in but it said to me "We are sorry but,  you are not eligible to participate based on your location. Bidding is only available to users in the United States of America."

The thing is, I was born in Kuwait and created my PSN account when I was living there but right now I live in the US. I know that it is not possible to change account region but that isn't what I'm asking for. I live in the US I should be able to bid. I have 2,135 Gold Trophies, I'm the 3rd most person with Gold Trophies. Been #1 in Platinum Trophies and Trophy Score since 2010, been interviewed by The Official PlayStation Magazine and almost been to GWR.

It is sad that even after all my hard work, after all the stuff I did to support PlayStation. I still haven't received a single support from them while the #1 guy in Xbox360 achievement get's all the hugs from Microsoft.  All I want is to be able to bid, I live in the US so I still don't understand what's the problem. Is it because my Account is not US? Does that even matter? It's totally unfair.

I don't know if anyone in here will be able to help but... At least I tried. Thank you

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Re: Can't bid for greatness even thought I live in the US

Jul 17, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


Even though you reside in the US because your account is Kuwaiti you are not permitted to enter, you need a US based account, sorry.




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