Dec 23 2013
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Can't add funds to my wallet...Please help!

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Hello everyone! The thing is...when i try to add funds to my wallet, a message pops up saying my billing information on file is incorrect! (kinda, i hope you know what message i'm reffering to). From what i can tell, all my information is correct and i have used the same card before (VISA Pre-Paid card), so it's not like there is a problem with the card...the expiry date is fine, the security code is fine and the main card code is fine! I really want to buy ACIV season pass and this is holding me back! So, if anyone can help me or at least say that it's not my problem but sony's, i would be really grateful Smiley Happy

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Re: Can't add funds to my wallet...Please help!

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Dec 24, 2013

Hello, gede1924,

Try adding your card credentials via the SEN Store.


If by chance it's still giving you the error, it's because Sony is very precise with the way they authenticate credit cards. Since it's a pre paid card, and you don't get card statements; you will need to call Visa up and ask for your card statement. The billing address needs to be exactly the same how it shows on your cards statements.

If you do get card statements, than add it on your Sony account exactly how it is on your statement.

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