Jul 25 2013
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Can't add CC, Can't download Limbo, "PSN is unavailable" ...everything else works? :(

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Greetings PSN support forum,


I've had a collection of really interesting, really frustrating problems spanning my PS3 and my PSVita.


Limbo was made free to me via a CrossBuy deal. I found it strange that Limbo was listed "Free" in my PSVita store, and not "14.99" with the shopping bag indicating it's already been taken care of...


When I went to download Limbo, I got the perpetual "Preparing to download" error on my PSVita. I powered off my Vita, powered it back on, and things have never been the same since for my PSN account.


This is a copy/paste from 2 other posts I've made in the PSVita support forums:


  • Purchased LIMBO on ps3 7/21/2011. Transaction #2457660920
  • Limbo released on Vita 6/4/2013. Priced as "free" in my Playstation store on Vita.
  • Attempted to download. Vita stayed at "Preparing to download" for 15 minutes. I shut off my Vita.
  • When I turned it back on, and attempted to download LIMBO again, I received an error: NP-2244-2.
  • However, ALL other PSN features still work. Friends/store, even purchases.
  • The same night I purchased Thomas Was Alone (crossbuy) with no problems. (Transaction #4207992420.)
  • I rebuilt my database.
  • I formatted the Vita.
  • I've been on different wireless networks.
  • I've used different hardware.
  • I've ensured that the ports necessary are open. Sony support gave me a list of ports to open for Vita. I don't have them here, but can supply them if needed.
  • Error occurs when I try to download the Vita version of Limbo from my ps3.
  • Error occurs when I try to download the Vita version of Limbo from my PC via the SEN webstore. (link)
  • The only common denominator is between my PSN account and LIMBO. Perhaps something went askew when I turned my vita off. But it had hung up for 10 min. So I suspect that was the initial issue.
  • Was provided with a new Limbo code from Kalle at playdead. Code was denied either because I already own it, or due to the same error. This was in an attempt to establish a new license.

This has been an issue since 6-4-13, (4-6-13 for our Euro friends.)


I spent the first week with Sony Support via phone. Hours each day. However, the phone support is mostly just script readers. "The error NP-2244-2 says your network is down. Check your connection." As I'm browsing/downloading things from the PSN while on the phone.


I can use PSN cards to add funds to my wallet, but each time I try to enter my CC info, I get "Info was invalid."


I work in an IT Department. I understand the thinking behind "if it says it's wrong; It's wrong." I honestly doubted my sanity and had my sister try to hand enter the numbers, as well as my brother in law. Each time, it said "The information presented is invalid." I knew I wasn't crazy.


(When I formatted my Vita, I had to reenter my CC info. It wouldn't take it, so I pushed through the inital setup so I wouldn't keep the Sony Rep on the phone waiting. Since then my CC info as vanished, and will not be accepted by PSN.)


I waited 3 days, because I'd heard rumors of Sony locking out our if too many failed attempts were made (which would explain the "preparing to download.....for 15 minutes). I waited 7 days. I waited 2 weeks. No changes.


This issue is with my account. NOT Playdead software. I've tried for (going on) 2 months for help from Sony. I've gotten nothing. I don't want to think sony cares so little, but I have little evidence to the contrary. I've tried to talk to a network engineer, or an IT director as to what is happening. I agree, it's rare. But there are other sightings of it in the PSVita forums, and I'm sure in the other ps3 forums as well.


Is there anyone from sony who can address this cripling issue? I've searched far and wide for help, and had nothing.



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