Jul 04 2011
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Can't access welcome back package?

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Hey, I got my PS Plus and welcome back games the day before yesterday, my cousin logged onto his profile and PSN (Using my PS3 because he's visiting, his house doesn't have internet, and he lives 2 cities away.) 5 minutes ago and there was no welcome back package. That, and the service list was blank. Any of you guys have an idea of why that might be?

I also noticed that this account (That I'm currently posting with but never use on my PS3) also doesn't have access to the package, but has existed for years. I'm basically wondering why

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can't access welcome back package?

Jul 4, 2011

The welcome back offer ended yesterday. Actually after reading the forums some more it turns out the welcome back package has been extended to the 5th. So now I'm wondering if maybe they didn't have a PSN account before April 20th. I wish I could see the original post when I update. Since he has no internet as far as the network is concerned he created the account when he logged on yesterday(I'm pretty sure). Therefor he's ineligible for the offer.

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