Nov 03 2012
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Can't access my original PSN Account, Customer Support isn't/can't help.

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I've recently attained the new PS3 Ultraslim and cannot log into my account.


I know the Username and E-mail but when i called customer support they told my that the e-mail i have given them isn't the correct one.


I'm not sure how this is possible seeing as I've never changed my e-mail and i have numerous recipts for all of my online purchases for PSN.


The only thing i can think of is that somehow using the e-mail to make a Sony entertainment account in hopes i could access my PSN account messed things up.


I'm not sure what to do as I know for a fact that the e-mail i provided was the correct one.


Someone please help Smiley Sad


Edit: I have $60+ worth of downloadable content on my original nexxus213 account. I just want to get it back...

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