Oct 17 2012
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Can't Download the Rocksmith Tone Designer Time Saver Pack...

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I bought the "Rocksmith - Ultimate Time Saver Bundle" off the PSN for $11.99.


Its suppose to include:

- Tone Designer Time Saver Pack

- Unlock All Guitarcade Minigames

- Unlock All Bonus Songs

- Unlock All Guitar and Basses

- Unlock All Venues


I got 4 out of 5 of those in the Download.


No matter what I do I can't download the "Tone Designer Time Saver Pack". It's not in my purchase history download list.


The separate link in the store for the pack says its purchased with the little red icon. Also, upon clicking the pack to download I get the message; "The software has already been purchased. Press [Download] to download it."


Now I can't download the Tone Designer Time Saver Pack and the Walking Dead episode 2 from the Sony Store... Geez, Sony get your **** together and check these things before you put them up.

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