Jul 15 2011
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Can't Activate my account in PSP ??

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Hi all,

I'm facing a problem here, I've purchased three games from PSN and I'm currently downloading them on my PS3

I had 2 PSPs, one which is new and I registered my account in there to get these games there too, but whenever I try to download any of them it gives me that error " The Install failed. (80109D80) ... so I thought it might be because that my old PSP is still active and am allowed to one PSP only, so I deactivated the old PSP and still nothing, so I tried to activate my old PSP back and it gave me the same error " An error has occurred. (80109D80).

so what might be the problem guys, thanks =)

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Re: Can't Activate my account in PSP ??

Jul 18, 2011

You are allowed 5 PSPs for game content, and three PSPs for video content.  Even if you were out of activations, you would not get error code 80109D80.  Your assumption about the old PSP was incorrect.  It is more likely that there is a problem with the PSP activation service.  By deactivating your old PSP you just left yourself with two PSPs that can't run Playstation Store content, instead of just one.  The problem is likely due to system problems or maintenance on Sony's end, and should resolve itself within 24 hours.  If it doesn't, then it is time to call customer service.

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