Feb 29 2012
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Can anyone from US support have a talk with Spain support?

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So the account activation was changed from 5 to 2, since one of my accounts ( an spanish account, because i´m from spain) was already active on 4 different consoles (two cousins, my little brother and myself) i decided to use the Web service to deactivate ALL the consoles and activate the account using my 2 PS3 consoles (my brother and mine) Problem is that both consoles stop functioning (Yellow light) so i bought a slim (the other 2 were the 80 and 60 gigabytes versions) and since i cant deactivate them and i can´t use the website, because you can only do the process once every six months, i´m unable to use any of the content  i bought with that account.

I already contacted Spain playstation network support but they keep saying the same thing "use the website, use the website" when i asked them to hear and read what i was saying (i called and email them) they said "ohhhh, sorry we are not allowed to deactivate accounts, use the website"

I´m pissed, i called two times and send four emails and they never NEVER, told my anything about not being able to deactivate accounts until i asked them to hear the entire problem. So i contacted US support and latinamerican support asking if thats true, they said that every region has different policies and i should get in contact with spain support directly, well i did...again and i asked about their policies and again they refuse to awnser me clearly about it, they just said "if you need to deactivate an account use the website we provided for deactivation" and i swear everytime they say use the website i get angrier, how can they expect me to sit and say "well i guess we cant play any of the things i bought because both console died by something that can´t be prevented" (Both consoles got Ylod for cracks on the soldiers joints because of the heat, even though we both play maybe 8 to 10 hours a week, because of his school and my work)

Could anyone from the US support PLEASE , just call spain support and talk with them about it, i just cant take it anymore, they wont even listen to my whole story, is like they just heard/read the word deactivate and automatically say "website"

PLEASE i beg of you, my little brother (he is 7 for christ sake) cries everytime i get in contact with them because of what they awnser, not only he lose all his savefiles he lose the games i bought for him with that account just because someone thought that it will be good idea to allow people to deactivate their PS3 via PC every six months, even thought console malfunction is very common and just like the official playstation site says RIGHT HERE on the troubleshoot section of the yellos light "When the power light flashes in this order (green, yellow, then red) this issue cannot be resolved."

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