Feb 27 2013
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Can I swap french and english versions of the DLC I bought?

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Ok. I'm french canadian. I recently bought the DLCs for Skyrim ( Dragonborn, Heartfire and Dawnguard ). I was not aware that there was a french version of the DLCs because when I bought the first 2 DLCs they advertized the english version only in the main PS Store area. I only realized that there was a french version while searching for and buying Dawnguard. Until then I thought that the DLCs had no french voices and that Bethesda simply didn't release a french version...


My original game is all in french ( voices & subtitles ). Now I have Heartfire and Dragonborn in english and I would like to know if it is possible to swap them with the french versions, so I can download and play the french DLCs instead of the ones in english, because right now my game has characters who speak english in one sentence and french in another, and it's just a big mess.


To be honest it's quite tedious to browse the new PS Store as a french canadian. It's half-english half-french, and some of the french is badly written, much like "engrish" for bad english translations. I'm pretty sure that somehow they know I speak french and that my PS3 is all in french, so I don't understand why they don't advertize and make me buy the french version of games instead of the original english ones.


Some of you might say that I should refer to the french version of the forums... The problem is that there is no french version for North America, and if I would speak to the Euro people they would tell me to refer to the NA community forums.


Others might say that I'm not that bad in english so those DLCs can't be much of a problem. Maybe you're right, but imagine that your DLC was in spanish while your original game was in english. Even if you understood spanish you would still think it's pretty annoying to have a game containing two languages instead of one. Also, some members of my family aren't that good with understanding english, so it's hard for them.


The english/french versions of the DLCs are of the same price so I think it could be done. I just wonder if a Sony employee would actually take the time to do this, however...


I've probably spent nearly 400 dollars on the PS Store since I bought my first PS3 in 2008 and I'm a PS Plus user... So I hope my good and loyal customer portofolio could help me!


I tried finding a similar topic but couldn't find one. I'm pretty sure other people encountered this problem before!

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Re: Can I swap french and english versions of the DLC I bought?

Feb 27, 2013

Go into account management on PS3 and remove all english language option selections from your account.

It should be in the about me section some were on the PS3.

Be aware once this is done, this also will effect applications like YOUTUBE that will disable English and use french only. 


If that does not work and Canada only has the English version of DLC "there is no french DLC in EU yet" 

The other option is to delete french from  your account and turn the system into English only version... and run the Hole game in English..




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