Nov 04 2012
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Can I remove PSN account from a profile?

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My 12 y/o son wanted to get on the PSN. I had to create a master account in my name so I could make a sub-account in his name. Unfortunately, I created my master account on his profile. Can I remove my account from his profile so I can login with his account? I don't want to delete his profle cause all his trophies and saved games will be lost. Is there any way around this?


Another issue: I tried to create a new profile for my son. I logged in with his sub account. It prompted me to create an online ID for him. I went through all the steps and added all the information. In the final screen, it came up with an error message "80023012". NO matter what I did, how I changed the information, it kept coming up with the same error message and I couldn't create his online ID. Any thoughts on this?


Thanks, from a frustrated dad.


Viken K.



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