Jul 01 2011
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Can I activate a new PS3 on my original account after accidentally creating a new one?

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Hi All, Hope you can help as I tried call the 800 number but its just rings and then hangs up.

Here is the deal. I had a PSP Go from over a year ago and created a PSN account with it from back then. My nephew had a PS3 but had never made a PSN account with it and when the Welcome Back program started I added his PS3 to my account so he could get the 2 free PS3 games. Since then I have bought a new PS3 for myself but when I tried to login with my original PSN account it told me something like "You cannot login to another user's PSN account" or something along those lines so I crated a new account only to find out I couldn't download the Welcome Back games either. It was sort of the whole reason I bought the PS3 for myself since I would have gotten the two free games under my account since I can activate up to 5 systems on it. So my questions are:

1. Is it possible for me to delete the new account and PSN I created on my new PS3 and add it to my original account? (Every time I try to login to my original account I get the message about logging in with another person's username)

2. If it is possible I'm guessing I will lose all my current profile info and trophies etc. or is there a way to save and migrate it?

3. If someone knows if this is possible can you please kind of walk me through it as I'm paranoid about losing my info or screwing up my account?

4. I see where I can "deactivate" my new PS3 but will that allow me to add it to my original account? I just don't want to do something that I can't undo if it won't let me add my new PS3 to my original account.

Thanks in advance.

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