Jul 28 2013
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Breath of Fire 3 for the PSN Store

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I have been asking around the Capcom Unity forums regarding the possibility of adding BoF3 to the PSN store, but apparently there are some issues with the PSOne version, which would require some minor modifications in order to overcome some problems such as nudity and copyright issues. However, as I understand Sony does not allow any changes in that regard.


I want to ask if there is any way Capcom would be allowed to make the required changes in order to add the game to the PSN store?


On a related note, I have heard that there's an english version of BoF3 for the PSP, which was released on Europe, but oddly enough it wasn't on America. From what I have heard that version has already fixed the issues that the PSOne version had. Therefore I want to know if it would be possible to have that version also/instead on the PSN store?

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