Oct 08 2012
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Blowing it all up today!!!!

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Hey guys. First off let me start by apologizing because I'm sure there are several threads with this, and I'm sorry, but I'm so aggravated I'm ready to break my ps3, pi$$ on it and mail half to Sony and half to my ISP. So now I come to the Sony faithful in desperate attempt of help. Here goes. I just moved about a month ago. This is the first place I've lived with high speed interweb in 7 years. I had some fast web hooked up, bought a router and got gsming. Now I don't have a pc at the moment as its outta commission. So the only things on my network are my ps3 (hard wired) my satellite receivers for on demand (hard wired) and mine and my wife's iPhones over WiFi. The router is sitting about 2.5 feet from said router. The first 2-3 weeks the speed was lightning fast. Zero problems, worked amazingly. I had to go in and do the DMZ thing and set a static ip in order to get a NAT type 2. Did that all still well. This last week the speeds have bottomed out on the ps3. I keep getting kicked off psn if i can even connect. Can't open Netflix, Hulu or YouTube. Can't connect to in game servers, etc. Everything else on my network seems to be going pretty good. It's getting maddening. I've been thru everything my ISP can apparently do, which is send an update/refresh sig to my modem. I've reset everything over and over, nothing. Can somebody please help me. Is there something in my router set wrong, or just a crappy router? It's a belkin and it seems to be enough for what I needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated and ill be your best friend and sing at ur wedding. We'll have best friendmenship and you'll get my undying gratitude. Oh and ill build monuments to your awesomeness. Thanks
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