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Black Ops 2: Where is Host Migration Go on PS3?

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I just got back from vacation and ever since the recent patch on July of 2013, I notice some changes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer lobbies. The patch must have something to do with how the host is chosen on the PS3 version and that is because host migrations rarely interrupt online play before and during matches.


Now I'll walk you through on how hosts were suppose to be picked on the PS3 version. Once you chose your preferred game mode (Team Deathmatch, Search & Destory, etc) and wait for a moment, you would join a lobby full of various PSN users. As soon as the pre-match timer counts down to 0, the text (command) above the playable map(s) say "Migrating Host." Instead, the text (command) says "Need more players to balance teams" and continues it's original programming.


Problems and Possible Solutions:


Every time I play Black Ops 2 Multiplayer the host never migrates. Theoretically, this leads me to believe that the number of players in the lobby are host or that the Activision servers will finally obtain dedicated servers similarly to Battlefield 3. Moving on, I decided to analyze and change my internet connection settings from my Actiontec (Verizon) router. But to no avail, the host does not migrate. Personally, I really want to get host so that I can aim and target the person I want to kill.


Other Methods:


I saw possible Youtube video demonstrating the use of the lagswitch. Apparently, these users can use the lag switch to manipulate traffic flow from the router to the PS3 and vice versa. Therefore they can become host while searching a open/empty lobby.




Who has encountered this situation before? What methods did you use to become the host of a lobby?

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Re: Black Ops 2: Where is Host Migration Go on PS3?

Aug 7, 2013

these are the guys/gals you are going to want to talk to.

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