Feb 27 2013
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Billing Information (43)

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So for the past 2 weeks now I have been trying to put my card on my account but it will not go in. I have tried calling sony for this 2 times now and every time I am on hold for at lest an hour and hang up because I have things to do other then sit on the phone waiting for them. I would like it if someone could help me out here because I am getting so **bleep** of that I might even sell my ps3 and not even think about getting a ps4 if sony is going to do this to people that have been with them for years now.

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Re: Billing Information (43)

Mar 3, 2013
Same here. Card info is perfect but it won't accept it.

There's no way to update billing info on the web-based version of the Playstation Store either.

Sony continues to prove its obsolescence here.
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