Mar 30 2014
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Battlefield 4 digital upgrade

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4:41 PM

I have searched my entire ps4 and my online account and there is no digital upgrade anywhere. Since I paid the extra $50 to become a premium BF4 member I was able to download all the DLC's that have been released. There are no queued items for download (yes I found that online, which is good to know).
My PS4 says I have the "entitlement" for the game SETTINGS> PSN> ACCOUNT INFORMATION>SERVICES LIST-"Battlefield 4 PS4 Upgrade Service Entitlement". Is it possible to get a new code, pay my $10 extra, download the bf4 primary game, and go on with my life playing BF4 with my son? After all, I've bought two PS4'S ($950), two BF4 games for ps3 with digital upgrade ($60+$60+$10), and two premium player upgrades ($100). Total approx $1180 just to play BF4. If I owned Sony, this would would be an easy problem to fix.

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