Jul 31 2014
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Atrocious price jump in Ukrainian PSN store?

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Yes, I know that Ukrainian PSN is a part of EU and all the games cost as much EU as they cost USD in NA store. 


But. The prices in PSN were always too high for Ukraine. 

For example, till this summer, the standard AAA game for PS Vita cost 399 UAH, for PS3 - 650 UAH. 
It is a very high price for Ukraine. Almost no one can afford to pay such money for a game, so we had to buy everything during sales. 


And now, suddenly... every game grew in price 1.5-2 times!!! 650 UAH for a Vita game and 1000 UAH for a PS3 game? Seriously?

I understand that the exchange rate to Euro grew because of counter-terrorist operation in Ukraine. 

Still, such prices are simply UNBEARABLE for a country with an average MONTHLY salary of 150 Euro. 
Now, a PS3 game costs A HALF of an average MONTHLY SALARY.

Of course, less than 1% of population is physically able to afford them! Of course, 1% of population doesn't need to buy games, so the final number is 0.0001% of population - you, Sony, simply lose money because you refuse to give feasible conditions to the people who already suffer from everything around growing more and more expensive because of 1.5 times drop of currency rate. 

Please is there a way to bring this message to the management? Could you, Sony, at least have a consience to give us the regional pricing, like Steam does? Ukrainians buy a lot of games on Steam because they are affordable; I'm sure your profits will only increase if we can buy SOMETHING instead of NOTHING.


I think it is not fair at all if USA, with an average salary of over 3000 USD monthly, pays for games 2 times less than Ukraine with less than 250 USD average monthly salary.  

Thank you for understanding. 
Of course, I realise that nothing will change. 

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Re: Atrocious price jump in Ukrainian PSN store?

Jul 31, 2014

These are the forums for North America, made up of Playstation users just like you.  Nobody here has much if any knowledge about the EU PSN Store.  Contact SONY for your region.

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Re: Atrocious price jump in Ukrainian PSN store?

Jul 31, 2014

Here are the contact numbers for Europe: link to the contact us page for European PS players

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