Jul 01 2011
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An error has occured. (80023102)

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Hi, I recently have tried adding funds to my wallet, and received this error code.   My credit card has a $1500 dollar limit, and I just paid a 37 dollar balance off today, yet after I put about 25-30 dollars into the store, I get this error.  I was able to purchase something with the remaining funds, but not add.   Is there a problem with the Playstation Network accepting any fund adding, has anyone else received this error as of July 1st 7:30pm EST?

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Re: An error has occured.  (80023102)

Jul 2, 2011

I've been trying, for the last 36 hours, to redeem my free 30 days of PSN Plus, but I've been unable to because I perpetually get that error when I try.  If this error is still occuring when the Welcome Back ends, I expect Sony will give me my free 30 days anyway.

EDIT: On the phone with Sony now. I'm talking to a man who is unusually nice for a call centre.  He said that error code was due to congestion and he tried to get them to manually activate the free 30 days of Plus, but they wouldn't. They just said, "Keep trying and cycle your modem. If you can't get it by the deadline, we'll see what we can do." Well, at least the man I was talking to was helpful if his superiors were still dicks.

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