Feb 23 2013
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All future pruchases will be expected to be made again after launch of PS4?

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So, Sony is honestly expecting us to continue to make purchases on the PSN/SEN store knowing full well EVERY PEICE we purchase we will be REQUIRED to RE-PURCHASE if we would like to continue on the next Playstation?

How many of you are fine with this...?  Before 'trolling' this thread; you understand that syaing your fine shows you actually post FOR Lithium, under the direction os Sony.  Or it shows that you DO NOT pay for your content and count on mommy and daddy doing it for you. No one of right mind would buy something under the knowledge they will simply be required to RE-PURCHASE the thing.

This is a lame attempt for Sony and SCEA to not admit that your Playstations are no longer safe.  LV0 exploits are running right now and people are creating REMOTE connections to their PC; not Media Server Sharing.  FULL REMOTE CONTROL APPS.  Some of have been hinting at faking a message header across the PSN message system; like when you get emails NOT from who they claim to be... SAME THING.

Some of you that got the $10 loyalty reward; imagine now that this was just such a faked header and the link dsicretly installed a fabricated yet FULLY SIGNED '.pup' package that ended up getting you banned from the PSN all togther.  That would be awesome and Im sure would have made your day to open something stating it was from the PSN and it gets you banned!!!


If your up on research, even a tenth past what PS Engineering is, you know this to be evident and fact.  You wanna claim that *nux machines cant get Virus'?  Go back to August/September of 2011 and read about MULTIPLE malware instances running on the 'Linux' and 'Kernel' dot ORG MAIN server; to include someone in the VERY Administrator account itself... and they have no idea how long the 'trespasser' had access or how long the malware packages (AKA VIRUS') had been running and collecting? 

For Sony to include B/C on the next model, being ALL PS3 cyphers are FULLY public, they would have to admit what they alrady know


One can NOT logically argue ANY fairness or MERIT in Sony's audacity to think I would buy their next console after letting us all know that 'although the Playstation 4 will not maintain native B/C; they will be re-coding and making available for RE_PURCHASE all PLaystation 3 games (inlcuding Special Editions; such as 'Platinum' and 'Elite').


While you may come here and claim your fine with it, if you arent just trying to troll, you know for a fact how much this enrages you.


***Please feel free to address any spelling/grammar mistakes versus the actual TOPIC OF DICSUSSION and I will gladly forward them to my Junior High English Professor***

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Re: All future pruchases will be expected to be made again after launch of PS4?

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Feb 23, 2013

BTW... this has nothing to do with the changing of the architecture. 


All AMD chipsets, for some time now, include a very ADVANCED and CAPABLE Hardware Virtualization layer.  It means nothing to this chip to virtualize ANY envirmoment.  If the PS4 designers are simply unaware of this capability, they can be now... so long as Lithium does their proper duty.


If you would like to argue this fact, I suggest you become an AMD partner first; then you can have ALL AMD refernece materail at your disposal in this matter.

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