Dec 08 2012
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Account deactivation

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So, my PS3 died back in August after nearly three years (ylod). I just got a new one (finally) and I want to get all my DLC and stuff back, and I know that I can just access my transaction history to do that. The only problem is, my account is active on multiple PS3s, and I'm not sure how to go about deactivating them so I can put all of my DLC on to my new PS3. Can anyone help me?
Also, I have an old account that was made on my brother's first PS3, which he got in 2008. It is tied to my e-mail, but I haven't even signed in on that account since before the PSN/SEN outage of 2011. Is it possible for me to get that account terminated so I can switch my current account over to my e-mail? I had to use my other brother's e-mail on this account, and that e-mail hasn't even been looked at in over a year.
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