Aug 19 2011
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Account Help (Admin Please Help)

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Before Playstation Was Down I Restored My PS3 To Factory Settings. That Deleting My Account From My Hardrive. When It Came Back I Tried To Recover It But I Dont Remember To Birthday I Put. I Also Never Got A Email Asking Me To Change My Password. Im A Little Confused Because I Have 2 Main Emails And 3 Main Passwords That I Use. The Account Name Is: "LIKE_A_KENNY-6" So If Any Admin Read This Can You Send A Reset Password Email To What Ever Email That Accounts Belongs To. Im ReallyTry To Get It Back Because It Has My Online Access Codes On It For The Games That I Play

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Re: Account Help (Admin Please Help)

Aug 19, 2011

O.k. First of all, this isn't the admin support forum.  This is the user support forum.  If you need help from an admin, you have to call customer service at 800-345-SONY.  Second, forget about your birthday for the moment.  Sony is not going to send a password reset e-mail to anyone that requests one for a screen name, even if the admins did read this forum.  Anyone on PSN can see your screen name, and you wouldn't want Sony to send a password reset e-mail for your account to anyone that asks for it.  How is Sony supposed to know that the account is yours?

If you don't remember the date-of-birth that you registered with, then you can't reset your password online.  Let's hope that you remember the answer to the security question that you chose, otherwise you may not be getting your account back unless you can remember the password.  You are going to have to call Sony customer service (800-345-SONY), tell them the screen name, and then correctly answer the security question.  They should send you a password reset e-mail then.  Hopefully they won't make a big deal out of the fact that you don't remember the date-of-birth for the account.  You obviously didn't forget your own date of birth, and using a false one is a violation of PSN rules. The less you say about that, the better.

By the way, Sony did not send e-mails to everyone asking them to change their password.  When you logged in for the first time after the PSN outage, a password reset e-mail was sent to your e-mail account, instead of logging you in.  You had to change your password then before you could access your account.

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