Nov 06 2013
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Acc question

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so ive run into a problem when attempting to log-in my psn, my password has been changed from the original which i have entered several times and every other password i have which is only 3.

The main problem is that i cant get a meesage from psn about reseting my password because i dont remember the date of birth i had keyed in. Now i cant play cod with my friends on that account which was pretty much my main, and has lead me to create a new to post this forum. 


(This is not because i want my user name reset)

Please help i just wish to resolve the password issue if it has been hacked, which i am 100% sure it has


Meheyboy- thank you.

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Re: Acc question

Nov 6, 2013

Chances are you were not hacked, but gave away your login information in order to earn prestige in COD.


You can manage your account here:


Click on "Trouble Signin In" and there is an option to reset your password.


Also, read this article:

** Use a unique password for your PSN ID - one you don't use anywhere else **
** Engage brain before putting mouth in gear ** ** two-step verification - use it **

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