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Jul 14 2012
By: Aceiswin First Son 13 posts


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is sony down for today or something? this started when i tried to get on home. when trying to go from space to space, i get an error. now, i played dcuo prior to this, and no problems. when trying to get to the forums on the ps3 (i'm on my 3ds now), it lags out, then freezes. so, i shut it off, then back on, and now i either can't sign in due to errors like the one in the title, i do sign in, but i freeze, or it says there's a dns error. i hardly had the thing half a year! this isn't cool!
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Re: 8002A548

Jul 14, 2012

PSN isn't down no, I'm online just fine, as for HOME, HOME is subject to more errors because of what it is & what people there do to disrupt it, the dns error sounds more like a "local" one to you rather than a national one effecting many.

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