Sep 21 2012
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4.25 sucks

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My PlayStation was working perfectly until the last update 4.25 and now I can't play it or do anything on it. It just comes up system update and get stuck at 99 percent. Now PlayStation 3 people want us to pay 99 dollars plus shipping to get it fixed for their mistake that's bunch of BS . Are the running out of money. The quality of people that work PlayStation 3 has gone down over the years no wonder why Xbox is better now. PlayStation 3 man up and pay for your mistakes fix all the system for free.
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Re: 4.25 sucks

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Sep 21, 2012

If It wont download through your PS3. 

Try the PC then.


Mine is working fine... 


Update using a PC >> 
Download update data using a PC and save on storage media* or a USB Mass Storage device. Copy the update data to the PS3™ system's hard disk drive and perform the update.


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Re: 4.25 sucks

Sep 21, 2012

Hey there, 


Can you please post your feedback here?


That's the official thread that we're tracking. Thanks!

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