Feb 17 2017
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Spotify account already linked (Only Had For A Month)

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Everytime I try to login to my Spotify on my PSN it says that it can't, and that the spotify is already linked to a PSN. The problem is that I've only had spotify for roughly a month, and have never tried to link it to a PSN account until now. This is really frustrating, and I can't find anything else on it.

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Re: Spotify account already linked (Only Had For A Month)

Mar 13, 2017

I am having a similar issue.


I am having trouble linking my Spotify account (Family Premuim) with my PSN account. It keeps telling me there is another account linked.


The weird thing is that I have done the following:

- I logged into my Spotify account and I saw that Playstation Network had been granted access to my account. So I clicked "Revoke Access" on Spotify to remove this link.

- I logged into my PSN Account and saw that a Spotify account was linked. So I clicked 'remove link' from there.


So now you'd think there is no Spotify account linked to my PSN Account, and no PSN Account linked from Spotify, right?  If I look on PSN it gives me the "link account" option and if I look on Spotify it doesn't show PSN as being linked.


So then I go to the playstation music link, and try to link my PSN And Spotify accounts again.


Here is the interesting part: as soon as I try to link the accounts, I get the error that "another account is already linked." But then in my Spotify account, the "Playstation Network" icon comes back into the Permissions area. So it looks like it is "Sort of" working - Spotify acknowledges the access has been granted to PSN -- but PSN still says my account is already linked to Spotify...


What gives??

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