Feb 01 2017
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Spotify - I can't accept new terms and conditions

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Hi. My problem is the following. When I launch Spotify I get a screen showing "Updated Terms and Conditions", bla, bla, then my options are: View Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, AGREE (which is highlighted by default) and NOT NOW.


The problem is I can't do anything at all on this screen. I've mashed all the buttons untils my hands are sore and nothing happens. Moving the thumbstick and d-pad do nothing as well. The only thing I can do here is back out to the PS4 main menu.


I've closed the app and re-tried dozens of times. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it many times as well and the same thing happens over and over. I can't use it.


ONE TIME, out of my many tries, I was actually able to move the cursor. I could press X on View Terms and Conditions and I could back out by pressing Circle. I could select NOT NOW by pressing X and it would take me another screen saying that I could continue to use Spotify as is until some date in February 2017, but then I would have to accept the terms or I wouldn't be able to use it. My 2 options here were OK and BACK. If I selected BACK, it would take me to the previous screen.


However if I wanted to select AGREE on the main screen or OK on the second screen, NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN AGAIN.


I also tried signing in on the regular PC version to try to accept the terms there, but no prompt ever came up. It appeared as if I was all up to date on that front.


Does anybody have any idea what to do?


Thank you very much.

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