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Welcome to the PlayStation Music Support Forum for North America.


Not what you were looking for? Perhaps these links will help: 

Other Support Forum Categories |   US PlayStation Support Site   |   PlayStation Network Service Status  | Country Selector


PlayStation™Music in partnership with Spotify allows consumers to instantly stream millions of songs on their PlayStation® systems and other connected devices.


You can browse through discussion threads to find solutions or troubleshooting to an issue that you may be having with PlayStation™Music. You can also post about new issues if they’re not already in discussion.


Below are some handy tips to read before using this forum:


About this Forum:


The North American PlayStation Support Forums are community driven by users just like you.  There are also passionate and knowledgeable regulars helping other users, some of which carry the ‘MVP Support’ tag (click here to learn more about MVP Support).


Account or Billing Enquiries:


Please note that assistance cannot be given on the support forums for personal account or billing enquiries. Please contact live support for this. Please do not post personal information such as your e-mail address, password, address, phone number or anything else confidential within these forums.




Discussion threads with a solution are shown by having a tickr.png icon attached to them. These threads will have the solution post linked from within the first post: solution.png


A solution post has a green bar at the top of it and a circletick.png icon. For example:   solutioneg.png


Solutions are marked either by the topic starter of a thread, or by someone from the PlayStation Support Forum Team. 


Marked solutions are sometimes also the ‘best answer available’ at that time if a full solution is not yet available.




Using the support forum search feature is often a good way to first check if your issue or question is already in discussion, or has a solution. You can access the Support Forum Search by clicking here.




To reply to an existing discussion thread you can either press the reply.pngbutton on the first post, or the reply1.png  button on any of the replies.


Posting new topics:


You can also post about new issues if they’re not already in discussion. Once in the appropriate support board, you can click on the startcon.pngbutton to create a new topic. 


When posting about issues, please try and be as descriptive as you can about the issue or the solution to help with troubleshooting or sharing solutions.

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