Apr 30 2013
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deactivate mobile devices on SEN

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I would like to  know if there is a way to disable or deactivate mobile devices from my SEN account without  having the old device(s) in my possession. I have a new mobile device and am not able to access my Music Unlimited information due to too many active devices. I don't have access to the older mobile devices to deactivate them individually. HELP!!!

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Re: deactivate mobile devices on SEN

May 3, 2013

Your activated mobile devices should be listed in the Manage Account Devices page on the SEN web site (https://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/cam/devices/device-list.action).  Check there to see if there is an option to deactivate the device online.  If there isn't, then you will have to contact SEN customer support.  You can't do that via forum.  You have to use either phone or e-mail on this page...



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