Jul 08 2013
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Support for Xperia P

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I don't know why Sony does not support their newer devices. Xperia has cool dual core processor, so it does not have problems so much with games. Why not support this 2012 model device?
I really like using sony products. I mean I am sending this post from my Sony VAIO, and now I have Sony earphones inside my ear. While I was buying my Xperia, I thought Sony would support their all devices with playstation trademark, just like they did with walkman.
Please support newer devices. Thanks!

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Re: Support for Xperia P

Aug 3, 2013

Xperia devices generally do support Playstation Mobile, however the app is not necessarily preloaded.  Did you check to see if the Playstation Store app is compatible with your Xperia P?  The list of Playstation Mobile compatible devices on this web site has not been updated since October, so if the Xperia P was released after October, then it won't be on the list even if it is supported.   This isn't a support forum for Xperia phones, and it is unlikely that anyone that has any influence over what devices will support Playstation Mobile reads this forum anyway.  Here is a link to the support forum for the Xperia P.

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