Mar 09 2014
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PlayStation App for Windows Phone

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Windows Phone was the first phone I had, and I still have it. I didn't know the charts of how Microsoft were selling their phones, but it seems like they're on the bottom, and of course Android and Apple on the top.

But even though I have a bad phone (not just because of no PS app), there should be an app for PS.

Is there a plan going on to develop an app for Windows Phone? Or are they only keeping Apple and Android?
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Re: PlayStation App for Windows Phone

May 16, 2014

Windows phone are not bad, its **bleep** awesome with the update 8.1 its even better with all the Nokia apps i cant live without, anyway the playstation app for windows phone is on the way, will be out when the official 8.1 update will be out in june !!! be patient  

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