May 28 2013
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Cannot download/update PSM runtime package to Vita

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I had mine at 1.09 (got them from the 6 PSM game giveaways from psn blog posts). Today I bought a game from PSM through my vita. Downloaded just fine but whe I try to run it, it asked me to download an 8 MB runtime package update (to 1.22 I think). It wouldnt download and just stays at 0/7.9MB. I tried downloading a normal vita game and download runs pretty quick. I tried downloading other PSM games and those starts downloading pretty quick too.


I've tried these multiple times in any order:


-rebooting my internet connection

-powering off the vita and turning it back on and redownload

-powering off the vita and going to recovery and rebooting from there to redownload

-going to settings>system>playstation mobile>update instead of updating from the game page

-going to settings>system>playstation mobile>delete runtime package to download the whole thing fresh


Nothing works. It would either start the download or a time out error JUST for the runtime package. To my knowledge, it's not maintenance time. So, help?

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