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Feb 10 2011
By: Smooth423 Lombax Warrior 101 posts

Sony, please crack down on glitching.

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I think sony needs to do their part and stop the lag switching and glitching in games.  Especially the older games.  Last night I tried to play Socom:Confrontation with my friends and when the match started we were all killed by red smoke.  I dont understand why people think glitching and lagswitching is fun. It should not be a part of any game.  Cheat codes should only be for single player games.  Now back to Socom:Confrontation, you pride yourself in making a videogame and then letting it burn to the ground.  You stopped caring about the lagging and have moved on.  But I say what about us gmaers.  We buy these games and there should be some mutual respect between developers and gamers.  You should be obligated to keep the servers up to date until the servers are shut down completly.  You owe us that much.  Also, on most gaming websites you dont even realize you are promoting the glitching and lag switching.  Look at for Socom:confrontation. If you look at the top players around they are all 100 rank and are glitching. So why even play a game or try to get to the top when you being knocked down by not only glitching but by you sony. 

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Re: Sony, please crack down on glitching.

Feb 12, 2011

Maybe I'm in the minority here. I can understand people getting mad at those who use bad game design to their advantage.I just wouldn't care if the top 1000 are all cheaters. I play to have fun, and seeing my name on the list or not on the list is the same to me.

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