Nov 16 2008
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Someone will always be unhappy in the gaming world.

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     With the loads of titles coming out for all systems, the gaming industry is simply exploding in popularity. There is every kind of game you can think of: Role Playing, 1st person shooters, 3rd person shooters, strategy, cards, adventure, action, sports, even language games such as My Spanish Coach. But even if all these games do live up to their expectations and 2009 is a great year. Someone's going to be unhappy with some sort of game for some system. It's just the way things are. Just let it go and love the games you love.


     The reason is that each game is not for everyone. You can't make someone like a game. It's complete opinion. That's the whole point of the video game industry. To make someone happy and give them an extraordinary gaming experience that THEY like. Maybe some nerd guy likes Final Fantasy, he's played it his whole life. So say some hardcore action shooter says he hates it, so what? At least they're not insulting the guy for playing some game you don't like. Isn't that what the forums are about? Expressing opinions? People should be raving about games they like, and people should be asking them why they like that game, not "Omg, wow that game sucks."


What I guess I'm trying to say is that not everyone is going to feel the same about every game or every system. Games are made in all of these different categories to adapt to every kind of unique gamer. We should be thankful we have all these choices and enjoy the games we like, not be unhappy and look at all the bad things. Sure, games have their flaws, but what more could you ask for? This is what it's all about- coming together and talking about a game you really like, asking people questions and looking for support on problems along the way. It's just not right to start going ballistic over something dumb missing from a game. That's just your opinion, and you know what? Too bad. But the world isn't going to be perfect, least the gaming industry. And if it was, it wouldn't be any fun, that's why we have games and so many of them- to enjoy the ones that fascinate us. So enjoy the games you love, and don't bother with the rest. It's the way that it's supposed to be. 

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Re: Someone will always be unhappy in the gaming world.

Nov 16, 2008

a small bunch of guys trying to make games for all those different ppls out there to play, this is no easy task.  because time has changed, from the 'better than nothing' at the very dawn of gamming to 'why not everything?!'  .. and we now have standards, created by few to be agreed by most, but there will always be an uncommon few of disagree, asking for the better and more.


just like us, human.  in  the early ages of mankind,  we thought throwing rocks at each other would be the most efficient way of killing.. ..  then, we get bows and arrows, then,  rifles and cannons..  now,  cruise missiles and nuclear bombs..  what next?  nanomachines and genetic engineering?  there will never be an end, we keep going forward, asking for the better and more.

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