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[Trivia on Home] Brainiac Challenge

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Welcome to the HomeBrainiac Thread!  The place where knowledge will pack snacks in stacks!


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Start Challenge


      Hello Friends,


     Welcome!  The PlayStation MVPs are inviting you to take part in our Home Brainiac Challenge right here on the forums.  The winner will earn a fancy new forum rank, Signature, and Exclusive PlayStation Home Virtual Item that @AtomRepublic helped put in Home for us.


What is the Brainiac Challenge:

  • The quiz form will be live for 24 hours.
  • The quiz form will be live on (DATE HERE) *****Updating****
  • The Challenge questions are asking about PlayStation Home.


  • The first member to successfully answer all questions correctly, or the first member to get the best score (If there is not a perfect score) during the time the form is live, he/she will become the next Home Brainiac and rewards will be given to the winner.
  • Even though you could submit more than one time, ONLY the first submission (from the same user ID) is counted.  Any after the first will be overlooked.

Rewards (In Spoiler tag)


Forum Rank (Reward For winner)

     The Forum rank created is a special and temporary status update on the forums.  If you are the announced winner the forum rank title will be "Home Brainiac" and the icon will change (picture below).  Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your rank to change here on the forums.  This Forum Rank is set to the winner by default.




<update>Can I win more than 1 time?<update>

     No, once you win the Home Brainiac Challenge that would make you a Home Brainiac.  Once a Home Brainiac Aways a Home Brainiac!  The Home Brainiac PlayStation Home item can only be redeemed one time for the winning account.


****There is potential for a new rank (2nd) under construction****


Home Brainiac Brain **ANIMATED** (Reward For Winner)

     This reward Item will be exclusive for the PlayStation Home Community Members that win the Home Brainiac Challenge (ONLY one winner a week).  Big thanks @AtomRepublic for making the item happen on PlayStation Home!



NOTE:  The Home Brainiac Brain item will be handed out after the Forum Rank is changed.  Thank you @AtomRepublic 


Home Brainiac Jacket - (Reward For Community)

     This reward item is for the PlayStation Home Community!  ****more to be said soon****

BIG Thank You to @AtomRepublic  for making this happen!




>One code for each gender (Male & Female)<

****Codes are to be announced soon!****
1 code - Male (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) <---example
1 code - Female (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) <---example



Need an idea with the quiz process? Click the Spoiler!


HB07012013C-VIDEO HomeBrainiac ****UPDATING****


Home Brainiac Challenge questions turn to answers!  ****UPDATING****



  •      January 20th Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner Ren_Echo
  1.  What date did PlayStation Home have the Helghast Invasion for the first time?  Answer:  1/15/2009
  2. The Next Evolution of PlayStation Home happened back in 2009 with Sodium One - How many levels was in this Vehicle Combat Game?  Answer:  50
  3. Mos Eisley Cantina Comes to PlayStation Home + Exclusive Star Wars Events & Items!  Answer:  8/4/2010
  4. When did Resistance 3 Invade PlayStation Home?  Answer:  9/8/2011
  5. What happen for PlayStation Home on Janurary 5th 2012?  Answer:  Creek Falls personal space comes!
  •      December 23rd Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner WHERES_MY_SOUP
  • PlayStation Home Store Slogans
  1. Zip around Home with a speedy new Booster!  Answer:  Boosters
  2. Unique personal spaces, clothing and furnature abound in the (store here)!  Answer:  Loot Store
  3. Catering to an (key word here) clientele, only the best can be found in our (store name) store!  Answer:  Exclusives
  4. Check out on all the great offerings from (store name here)!  Answer:  HellFire Games
  5. (store name here) virtual good, game demos and downloadable games are available only at the (store name here) store in PlayStation Home.  Answer:  Konami
  •      December 16th Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner SEIZURE_BOX
  1. What new start menu item was recently added to the mix inside of home?  Answer:  Challenges
  2. Saucer pop one of homes past games located in the old central plaza. It had rewards can you tell me the number of rewards you could win?  Answer:  16
  3. What showes up under the user ID of a person you hit ignore on in Home?  Answer:  Ignored
  4. What is the vidoes called that shows items within home each week, by a certain movie star named magnus?  Answer:  Virtual Item Showcase
  5. What is the max number of points you can earn a day doing challenges in home?  Answer:  300
  •      December 9th Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner magicmix13
  1. Back in the early days of PlayStation Home. When you went into your wardrobe what kind of scene where you placed in?  Answer:  Closet
  2. When you are inside of home and use a redeem code on your computer/device. Does it auto show up in your wardrobe or do you have to reboot home?  Answer:  Reboot Home
  3. Few years ago we had an awesome event called Hamsters vs. ___________.  Answer:  Humans
  4. How many items can you fit into 1 personal space? (not including any active items)  Answer:  100
  5. What game is located in the Home mall public space?  Answer:  Wardrobe Wars
  •      December 2nd Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner goddessbunny42
  1. What developer made the Star Trek TNG Bundle?  Answer:  Flashman Studios LLC
  2. What Home space resembles an old public core space that use to be present in Home?  Answer:  Yetis Vs Hunters
  3. What developer assisted with the Home Brainiac challenge? Answer with their twitter ID  Answer:  @AtomRepublic
  4. There is a way to disable character names. How do I get to it?  Answer:  Start > Options > Display > Labels
  5. If you wanted to find a Ratchet and Clank statue in home what space would you go to?  Answer:  Pier Park
  •      November 25th Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner LAdriven25
  1. In the Western Frontier what hidden Easter egg is located in the gold panning area of the space?  Answer: 
    Hidden Room
  2. What discount percentage does the psn+ statue give located in one of the core public spaces inside of Home?  Answer:  75%
  3. In the PS4 public space what happens after touching the Blue Goo? Answer:  You now feel a little sick to your stomach and you are pretty sure you are hearing a voice in your head.
  4. What public space has an image of a person holding up a sphere object with one hand as its navigator image? Answer:  Mercia: Fractured Realms
  5. In Resistance Station what point total do you have to reach in order to unlock the resistance hoodie?  Answer:  1 million
  •      November 18th Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner Miss_Ann_Thrope
  1. What Home Developer created the VIP Companion?  Answer:  Atom Republic
  2. There is a very nice place in home called the Abbey Hill Cottage. What Home Developer created this private space?  Answer:  Lockwood
  3. What Home Developer made the Aquatic Animal Avatars?  Answer:  VEEMEE
  4. Joe’s Boxing Gym? Who made this private space happen?  Answer:  nDreams
  5. Digital Leisure recently had a Chip Sale on PlayStation Home. What day did this happen.  Answer:  10/30/2013
  •     November 11th Trivia Questions & Answer.  Winner GreyNeo
  1. AtomRepublic had their 1st Annual Zombie Walk on PlayStation Home - What day did this happen?  Answer:  October 31st
  2. Player Inspect - Sounds rather crazy, but really helpful if I wanted to buy something a friend is wearing. What date did PlayStation Home see this?  Answer:  9/18/2013
  3. AtomRepublic posted at their Facebook that they released some AMAZING Halloween LMO gear - What date did they post this on their Facebook?  Answer:  10/23/2013
  4. Were can I win a PlayStation Home Ice Breakers Arcade Machine at?  Answer:  PlayStation Home Arcade (PS VITA) game
  5. Atari’s 40th birthday invades PlayStation Home - What date did this happen?  Answer:  12/19/2012
  •      November 4th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - sam_reynoldsUS
  1.  How does a person navigate to the Challenges menu inside of PlayStation Home?  Answer:  Start > News & Social > Challenges
  2. PlayStation Home houses a variety of content. One being the Slim Jim challenge. How many Slim Jim's in total is in level 2?  Answer:  42
  3. The numbers 1025 is printed on what item in the Adventure District?  Answer:  Airplane
  4. Inside of the challenge menu. What is the top prize you can unlock?  Answer:  Castle Durrant
  5. What does the map inside of the Theater lobby allow you to do? (other than view the store)  Answer:  Travel to locations
  •      October 28th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - Jem__is_my__Name
  1.  Did you know you can hide or show Portable Item Labels? You sure can and I need you to tell me the road map.  Answer:  Start > Options > Display > Labels > Show Portable Item Labels
  2. I'm a Man not an Am, I have special lights and shinny wheels that spin. I'm Unit 68 and proud of it. What item am I?  Answer:  Slim Jim Manbulance
  3. I'm Grey colored with one horn like a Rhino with red eyes. I'm a Doctor that has a muscle man walk with spice. I drink from a tin can. What item am I?  Answer:  Dr Pepper Ten Rhinocerilla Companion
  4. I'm a new addition to Home, I have big fangs with long claws on my 4 big paws, I have pointy ears with yellow eyes, I'm not very friendly at night. What item am I?  Answer:  Alpha Werewolf Costume
  5. I taste so good, however, don't be fooled by the magic when I'm consumed, 30 percent is all I produce. Don't perform gestures or else I will disappear. When Square smacks my behind I sprint with super speeds. What item am I?  Answer:  Shrink Potion
  •      October 21th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - StardustChampion
  1.  When Extra-life came to PlayStation Home. What was the first reward we got for participating?  Answer:  Extra Life Charity Logo
  2. What date did the PlayStation blog announce the Red Bull Air Race space for Home?  Answer:  1/7/2009
  3. Which core space houses a PSVita system that references the PlayStation Home Arcade?  Answer:  Action District
  4. What Warhawk item can be found in the Playstation Home harbor studio?  Answer:  Mine
  5. What feature did kuju add to their awesome Burn Zombie Burn space that helps keep peeps in line?  Answer:  Jail
  •     October 14th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - Un0-0n3unique
  1.  When did they open the doors of new Observatory space for the PlayStation minis event.  Answer:  July 8th, 2010
  2. Digital Leisure hosted the first official Paradise Spring Poker Tournament - When did this happen?  Answer:  June 8th and 9th of 2013
  3. To Celebrate Novus Prime's one year anniversary - What item did they make?  Answer:  Personal Lightning Shield
  4. There was a promotion called the Unchatred 2 Torch Race Contest - When did this happen?  Answer:  December 18th 2009 at 8:00AM PST
  5. There was a 3rd Party Developer that was able to introduce a Classy Date package just in time for Valentines's Day this year - What Developer made this happen?  Answer:  Juggernaut
  •     October 7th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - smokingpistol
  1. What happens when you delete Home from your PlayStations XMB?  Answer:  The icon remains and Home can be downloaded again at a later time.
  2. What does the downward arrow encased in a revolving circle mean in home?  Answer:  Saving is in progress
  3. If you went to a space recently that is located at the bottom of the explorer tab. Where can you go to access the public space again without using the explorer tab or your favorites?  Answer:  Recently Visited
  4. Which cast member of "The walking dead" came into PlayStation home back in 2011 for a QA session about a NASCAR game?  Answer:  Michael Rooker
  5. How many female avatar presets are there in your wardrobe?  Answer:  9
  •      September 30th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - xMAJOR_CHAOSx

Thanks for cutting the Avatars out, steven1230.



1)  Bambi-01us

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2)  GlassWalls

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3)  steven1230

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4)  Jersquall

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5)  Bambi-01us

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  •      September 23rd Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - justinyou
  1. When you queue into a game such as bowling - How do you go check the status of your queue line?  Answer:  Start > Personal > My Queue > View queue status
  2. If you wanted to see a friend on PS Home - How do you request an invite to their personal space?  Answer:  Start > Navigator > My Friends > [Your Friend] > (X) Request Invite
  3. In the Sportswalk Public Space there is an easel showing the different poker hands - What is the 5th hand down?  Answer:  Flush
  4. See abusive behavior? Tell me how to report this.  Answer:  Select > Submit a Report
  5. How would you go to your Default Personal Space if you can't use the Navigator?  Answer:  Select > Go to your Personal Space
  •      September 16th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - myalana
  1. Did you know you can put a Time Stamp in your Chat Log?  You sure can and you need to tell me how to do it!  Answer:  Start > Options > Chat Log > Text > Time Stamp
  2. What is 'Joystick_Warrior' forum title rank on the PlayStation Community Forums?  Answer:  Digital Platforms Support
  3. If you was having problems with the PlayStation Network - Where would you need to go on the PlayStation Community Forums to seek answers?  Answer:  PlayStation Community Forums > Support > PlayStation Network Support
  4. Did you know that you can turn off Inventory Items so they're not seen on our screen?  We sure can and you need to tell me how to do it!  Answer:  Start > Options > Display > Inventory Items
  5. On PlayStation Home - Are we able to invert our controls?  Answer:  Yes

      Road Map for Question #5 - Start > Options > Controls > Invert


  •      September 9th Trivia Question & Answers.  Winner - Shinra_Soldier7
  1. Question - Answer:  Irem
  2. During what year was the chess tables added to the PlayStation Home mall and How many tables were located in the space?  Answer:  2009 with 3 tables
  3. What was one of the biggest sporting events to receive a dedicated public space in PlayStation Home?  Answer:  FIFA World Cup
  4. In 2009 When Red Bull Air race was first released in Home - How many rewards did it have?  Answer:  None
  •      September 2nd Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - Delicious_Darla
  1. Jack Buser posted on the PlayStation Blog on how to apply for the PlayStation Home Closed Beta - What Year/Month/Day did this happen?  Answer:  2008/08/07
  2. If you wanted to add a location to your favorites, what are the steps?  Answer:  Start > Personal > Add Location to Favorites
  3. What Year/Month/Day was Sodium One posted on the PlayStation Home Blog?  Answer:  2009/12/17
  4. What were the public spaces listed via navigation back when PlayStation Home was released to Open Beta?  Answer:  Farcy 2, Sullys bar, Central Plaza, Mall, Bowling Alley, Theater
  5. What version was we able to start controlling our Cache size on PlayStation Home?  Answer:  v 1.3
  •       August 26th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - Asuka424
  1. Which musical piece was played at the old Listen@home dance floor?  Answer:  Bout Dat
  2. How many times do you see a Flashy Home logo in the No Place Like Home Video?  Answer:  5 [Video LINK
  3. Amped and Cyrus appeared in the Tester PlayStation Home Theater on what day?  Answer:  March 31st, 2010
  4. When was the siren blood curse public space brought over from Japan home to the North American servers?  Answer:  May 7th, 2009
  5. Weather Cubes were created by what 3rd Party Developer?  Answer:  nDreams
  •      August 20th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - Digitman3
  1. When you go in the Navigator and scroll over to the Explore Tab - How may Public Spaces are there?  (exclude 'Recently Updated")  Answer:  91
  2. What day was the PlayStation Home Open Beta Agreement effective on Home?  Answer:  December 3rd, 2008
  3. What does ToSUA stand for on PlayStation Home?  Answer:  Terms of Service and User Agreement
  4. What new store/developer was recently added to the Shop category via the Navagator?  Answer:  AtomRepublic
  5. PlayStation Home runs on what software engine?  Answer:  Havok Software Engine
  •      August 12th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - al2009man
  1. Back in 2009 (In the old mall) what was one of the store's located in the lower section of the Mall?  Answer:  LucasArts
  2. What reward is given for completing level 20 on the Ice Breaker game?  Answer:  Ice Breaker - Penguin Trophy
  3. What was the reward given to the Home Community back in 2009 that required everyone to piece together the codes?  Answer:  Fish Hat
  4. Who's picture was on the billboard while looking out of the old bowling alley doors?  Answer:  Jack Buser
  5. What was one of the PlayStation MVP picks in Volume 2 via the PlayStation Store?  Answer:  Anime Animation Pack
  •      August 5th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - King_xO-AsSaSSin
  1. First Floor and 2nd Floor of the Mall - How many stores are there, and when you spawn (Not following a friend) on the First Floor of the Mall, what store is on your Right?  Answer:  20 Stores and the store to my right on the First Floor Mall is Boosters.
  2. The Punk Rock Bomber Girl item for the Female avatar was created by who?  Answer:  Heavy Water
  3. When was the "I love Ninja's Event" and how many winners were there?  Answer:  February, 13th 2009 and there was 66 winners
  4. In your wardrobe - How many save slots are there for None PlayStation Plus Members and how many for PlayStation Plus Members?  Answer:  24 for None PS Plus Members and 48 for PS Plus Members.
  5. Clearing your Cache can fix a lot of issues such as random freezing, Rewards not popping, errors, and etc...  What are the steps to clear your Cache?  Answer:  Start > Options > Cache > Clear Cache
  •      July 29th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - AbysmalDawna
  1. If you started with zero Midway tickets and spent all your $6.00 on tickets, exactly how many tickets would you have?  Answer:  300 Tickets
  2. At the Midway HOT ZONE Redemption Center, how many points are required to unlock the "Darla's Parts Vinyl Jacket"?  Answer:  5,000
  3. Before GlassWalls took charge over the HCV program, who alongside Locust_Star and CydoniaX ran the HCV Program (PSN username)?  Answer:  BuggieTechnica
  4. LOOT created a trivia contest for PlayStation Home, which game-based movie was it?  Answer:  Dead Space: Downfall
  5. What are the main stores displayed in the hub?  Answer:  Estates, Exclusives, Threads, Games
  •      July 15th Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - KANE-FIRE
  1. What day did Qore send out invites for PlayStation Home closed beta, and what version was home at the time?  Answer: was November 20th 2008, and the version was 1.0.
  2. What year was PlayStation Home Open Beta launched for the entire PSN Community?  Answer:  2008
  3. What is the 4th option under the "Social" tab via your PDA's Navagator on PSH?  Answer:  Game Launching
  4. What Home Developer made the game "FUBAR"?  Answer:  nDreams
  5. TedTheDog was a _________?  Answer:  Community Manager
  •     July 1st Trivia Questions & Answers.  Winner - CMCSAVAGE
  1. From left to right, what is the order in the PDA?  Answer:  Navigator, Personal, Social, Wardrobe, Redecorate, Options, Help
  2. Who is Tempest Fire?  Answer:  Digital Platforms Community Manager
  3. What day does the PlayStation Home Blog usually update?  Answer:  Wednesday
  4. What icon is PlayStation Home under?  Answer:  PlayStation Network Icon







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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

That's awesome Bambi! :smileyhappy:

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

Nice to see the home forums will have trivia as well other parts of the forums have trivias as well that gives customs ranks 


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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013
This is for entertainment purposes and those who want to participate feel free if you don't that's ok too just don't ruin it with your negativity.
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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

Cool@@ I'm so going to win this challenge, :smileytongue:

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

I'm terrible at Trivia but it will be interesting to see the questions. 

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

Cool! I love me some trivia!

Antonio Xul
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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

[ Edited ]
Jun 17, 2013

Having a custom forum rank is pretty awesome. I'll be at work and probably won't get a chance to participate before someone wins, so good luck to everyone that competes in the Challenge!

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013
Oh god what a time to be moving. :smileysad:

Awesome idea thanks for doing this!
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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013
Hahah!! This is most exciting!! What a wonderful idea!! Kudos all day great to see something like this initiated! Best of luck to everyone. I'm looking forward to this. (applause emote followed by cheer) yay!!
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