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Re: Boxbeats: Nature & Classical

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Sep 15, 2013

Thx Dr and Best! Searched az4 with no success. But I'm on an iPhone, so could have missed it. Would kudo your post, but as usual I have exceeded my allotment for the day. :smileyhappy: Mur

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Re: Boxbeats: Nature & Classical

Sep 15, 2013

bestscreenname wrote:

MysticMur wrote:
Is the Grand Piano active item still available and if so, which store? Thank you, Mur

Mass Media I think, you can find their store through any of the Midways.


EDIT:  The Midway Ticket Booth - Weird Wear - Furniture - Baby Grand Piano $1.99(22 slots)    There's also a bundle with the piano and a candlebra for $2.49.

Awww... You beat me to it! I defenetively need a laptop :smileywink:

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Re: Boxbeats: Nature & Classical

Oct 8, 2013


 Nature: I bought this with the intention of adding ambient sound to spaces. As it is now, the tracks don't loop, so it's pretty much worthless unless they update it...:smileysad:

It looks like they are updating these to add a loop option...


nDreams_Joey wrote:

- BoxBeats Looping - This has been updated for Horror / Nature and Nightclub and an update hsould be coming soon 


Hopefully this update will not just loop the entire sound track, but also be able to loop individual tracks.

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