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Feb 02 2013
By: JB-SAXON73 First Son 2 posts

too much money lost

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i just got this email address from someone in the casino. im writting because over the past year since the casino opened ive lost like 40,000 chips from being booted. thats alot of my own money to just give away, i can think of better things to give my money to. now i was just playing in the vip poker room and i was one of the last two in the game and i was leading, not only did i get booted but i didnt even receive chips for second place, i received nothing. i would like to know how you can go back and see how much chips ive lost and pay me back. im really getting sick of this, it isnt worth going on playstation home anymore!

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Re: too much money lost

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Feb 2, 2013

when it boots you and you lose money you have to immediatly contact digital leisure @ this address so they can look over and verify the refund of chips, otherwise everyone would do this when they lost.

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