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Sep 26 2012
By: SpicyEyes5 Gaming Beast 2052 posts

"System is currently busy ,please wait or try again later" for everything

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so i went to x7, looked around went into the store got new free item ,and when i came out and after the hdd had gone away i tried to leave via the navagator  it said " stystem is currently busy please wait or try again later " said this for 5 minutes and never resumed so i used the select button and chose go to personal space.. that never loaded so then i went to the elevators and was about to click go to entrance and froze and was booted on an error M-16 or other. went back on home and went to saloon recieved and item when i went to see the reward the rewards list never came up and i was stuck in the rewards screen waiting for it to load couldnt get out couldnt use navagator or leave  .cleared the cache and tried to go into furniture and it says " system is currently busy please wait or try again." so did the navagator.deleted home and reinstalled that seemed to work for now will keep you posted if that changes. just heads up

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