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Jun 18 2012
By: Joystick_Warrior PlayStation Support 3956 posts

"Patch" Notes - Updated 2/14/2013

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Hey everyone! Starting this week I will regularly update a post about major patches that come with scheduled maintenance. This will inform you guys about what is being fixed without having to go test it out for yourselvesI am starting with the update on 9/8/2011 up to the most recent update. This post will be updated frequently so keep checking back!








Home Core Update 1.75


Save Data Transfer

  • With Patch 1.75 your save data will be transferred from your PS3 hard drive onto the Home Servers.
  • This will improve performance and means that your save data will remain available should you ever need to reinstall home or login from a different PS3.
  • The transfer process will take place when you first install the patch. This process will only occur once per account.
  • Once the transfer is complete Home will only read save data from the Home Servers. As such any backup data or saved data you may have on another PS3 will no longer be accessible.
  • The save data being transferred includes your Preferences, Character Saves and Apartment Furniture Layouts.
  • The transfer process will not affect your Purchases and Rewards which are already stored on the Home Servers. 

Wardrobe Improvements

  • You will now be able to access your wardrobe while in another person’s apartment.
  • If the apartment owner leaves their apartment while you are in the wardrobe you will automatically leave the wardrobe and relocate to your Harbour Studio.
  • You will see a message informing you that the host left to indicate why you have been relocated. 


PlayStation Plus Improvements

  • Extra functionality has been added for PlayStation Plus members.
  • PlayStation Plus members will now be able to select custom colors for their hair and make-up.
    • The color menu now has an additional customize option containing a color picker.
    • The last 8 custom colors that you have used are also kept in a palette so that you can select the exact same colors again if you need to.
    • The D-Pad can be used to switch between the color picker and the palette.
  • The number of character save slots for PlayStation Plus members has been doubled from 24 to 48.
  • An additional 8 pop up colors will also be available for PlayStation Plus members.
  • PlayStation Plus members can choose to display a PlayStation Plus icon on their character label.
  • Your PlayStation Plus subscription must be active to access these features.


UI Improvements

  • The WWW and Save Indicator icons have been updated to better reflect the new save data functionality. 


Club Improvements

  • Club Members can now choose to display the Club Name or Club Tag of their preferred club on their character label.
  • Each Club Menu has a Customize Player Label option where the display of the Club Name or Club Tag can be switched on or off. 

General Improvements

  • A number of general stability and performance improvements have been made.
  • Implemented an enhanced reconnection process.
  • The Camera Portable Item has been removed. The Camera is now only accessible from the emote menu by pressing [R1].






-Cutteridge Ghost Stories Ultimate Bundle

  • Fixed a bug where items were not showing up in inventories after purchase

-The Morbids

  • Fixed a bug where items were not showing up in inventories after purchase



-Cutthroats 2.0

  • Various bug fixes and updates



Home 1.70 Update


New Features



The camera has been added as an Action to the Emotes menu. This means you can now take pictures in Home while you are using a companion or other portable item.


  • Select the Emote menu by pressing R1.
  • Select the Camera option.
  • The camera is activated and works in the same way as the portable version.
  • The camera can be put away by pressing [Circle].

Changes to Commerce

We have made changes to the commerce process to speed it up and make it easier to browse and shop.


  • Item thumbnails and object details are now displayed on the same screen.
  • A Buy Now function has been added. Simply highlight the thumbnail of an item and press [SQUARE]. You will then be taken directly to the checkout screen where you can confirm if you wish to make the purchase.
  • Items can quickly be added to the basket by highlighting the thumbnail and pressing the [TRIANGLE] button.
  • Pressing [R1] has also been added as a shortcut to view the basket.

Animating Items

New functionality has been added that allows developers to create a new type of animating portable item.


  • These items allow for an animating object to be used or worn by your avatar.
  • These item types can also increase the movement speed of your avatar by 50% when applicable.



Ignore and Block

We have added some small features to the Ignore or Block function.


  • If you ignore or block a player you will no longer see any emotes they perform.
  • The ignored or blocked avatar is kept a bit further away from your avatar. (Yay! Personal space!)
  • The ignored or blocked avatar will be faced away from you when they are close.
  • “Ignored” or “Blocked” will be displayed under the name label of a player that you have ignored or blocked.

Private Message


  • A Sound Effect now plays when you receive a new Personal Message (PM).



  • A number of general stability improvements have been made.


-Lockwood Mercia Fractured Realms

  • Bug fixes

-Lockwood Dream Island

  • Swim Animation fix



-Heavy Water Peeps Companions

  • Bug fixes and improvements with several different Peeps


-nDreams Blueprint

  • Various bug fixes




-Digital Leisure Casino

  • Fixed a bug with thte Daily Super Slots

-Item Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the Amaterasu Potted Plant that caused the item to not appear in inventories after purchase.




  • Fixed an issue where purchased items would not appear. Items now appear after being purchased

-Space removals

  • Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot
  • Uncharted Sully's Bar
  • Fary Cry 2 Station
  • Socom Tactical Operations Center
  • Namco Arcade
  • Hot Shots Golf
  • Rachet & Clank Time Travelers
  • Ekken Mishima Zaibatsu
  • Street Fighter IV S.I.N.'s Secret Base
  • Modnation Club
  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Ooblag's Alien Casino
  • Gamer's Lounge
  • Elemental Monster's Lounge




Update 1.66

  • Helps fix stability and performance issues




  • Fixed various bugs and stability issues
  • Mini-game leaderboard bugs fixed.
  • Bouncers and velvet rope now easier to interact with.
  • Fixed issue where users couldn't type at certain times.


-Island Bungalow

  • Various bug fixes

-Waterfall Terrace

  • Space fixed so mini-game works properly and saves score and status
  • Previous data has been erased to impliment fix.


  • OrbRunner – background color slightly modified to help see the orbs better
  • OrbRunner – Fixed spawn points of unreachable orbs



-Misc Bug Fixes

  • Obsidian Bladewalker Suit - Fixed 'Brandish' emote so everyone can see it



Home Patch 1.65 Applied to Core Client

Menu Screen

  • The new Menu Screen replaces the old Menu Pad.
  • It functions in a very similar way to the old Menu Pad but we have made many improvements to its speed and ease of use.
    • It starts faster and responds better making it quicker and more satisfying to navigate around.
    • There is an updated graphical design.
    • And a much better layout.
      • Key options are more readily accessible.
      • All options are in more logical places and easier to find.
    • Everything is clearer because there is room to lay things out properly when using the full size of the screen.
    • Options to globally disable voice or text chat have been removed from the Menu Screen as these already exist in the Home Safe Screen (accessed with ).
  • Browsing your inventory from the Menu Screen now uses the same system as the Wardrobe and Furniture Browser. This means:
    • It is much quicker to open and view your inventory.
    • You can sort and filter your items.
    • You can move Portable items, such as companions, that you do not use very often into Portable item Storage.
      • This will allow much faster access to your favorite Portables.
      • If you can’t find a particular Portable check in Storage first.

Furniture slots

  • Each apartment or clubhouse can hold up to 100 items of furniture measured in slots. Prior to patch 1.65 a Normal Furniture Item always took up 1 slot and an Active Furniture Item always took up 22 slots.
  • With patch 1.65 developers will now be able to create Normal and Active Furniture Items of different slot sizes. Therefore Active Furniture Items can be created that take up fewer slots and you will be able to place as many Active Furniture Items in your personal space as will fit.
  • Please note that all existing furniture items created prior to patch 1.65 will still be either 1 or 22 slots in size.
  • To make it easier to organize, the furniture placement menus now display a new bar that provides a visual representation of the furniture slots in use.
    • This shows the number of slots used, the number of slots free and how many slots the currently selected item of furniture uses.
    • It warns you if placing the selected item would exceed the capacity of your Personal Space.
    • It shows how the slot usage will change if you remove multiple items.
  • The furniture detail menu (accessed by clicking the left stick ) shows how many furniture slots a specific item occupies.
  • How many slots a piece of furniture will use is also displayed on the detail page of each item when you are viewing it in the store.

Personal Voice Chat

  • The new Personal Voice Chat system replaces the old Telephone Call system.
    • A Personal Voice Chat behaves in a similar manner to a Telephone call and can be initiated in the same way (from the Friends list, from the Chat Log or by targeting someone).
    • The major benefit of this new system is that a Personal Voice Chat is treated as another voice channel by the chat log.
      • This means all communication is now managed from one place: the Chat Log.
      • You can switch between voice channels while remaining in a Personal Voice Chat without having to end the conversation.


  • Alerts have been integrated into a new, third tab in the Chat Log.
    • The Alerts that pop up on screen have a new graphical design.
    • Pressing with an alert on screen now opens the Alert tab in the Chat Log.
      • And when you are viewing the Alerts tab pressing opens the Menu Screen regardless of any Alerts that might be arriving at the time.
    • Much like the original Alerts menu you can view a list of active Alerts and interact with them from this tab.
    • The tab also indicates how many Alerts are available to view.

Shop from the Wardrobe

  • There is a new option to shop for clothing directly from the Wardrobe.
    • Extra “Shopping” chips have been added to the Wardrobe overview as well as each category of clothing.
    • These chips take you to shops offering more clothing choices.


Cross game invite to group

  • The cross game invite system has been expanded and now allows you to invite friends outside PlayStation Home directly into your group.
    • When you are in a group you can access this new type of cross game invite from the Groups area of the Menu Screen.
    • Standard cross game invites are still available but will not put your friend into your group.

Grief Reporting

  • The Grief Reporting interface has been updated.
    • The process of submitting a report is a lot simpler and requires fewer button presses.
    • The whole system is a lot more robust.
    • More feedback is provided if there is a problem.
    • A new graphical design brings the interface more in line with the rest of PlayStation Home including reflecting your chosen pop-up color.



Video screen interface

  • The interface on all of the video screens around PlayStation Home has been improved. This includes:
    • An updated graphical design when loading videos.
    • More information about what is happening.


  • Improved the stability of real time games making it more likely that you will be able to consistently and reliably join one.
  • Optimized the start up flow by combining some of the configuration files into a single download. This may reduce the log in time by a small amount and will help reduce the chance of an error during log in.
  • Changed the general download system that PlayStation Home uses to increase responsiveness and potentially provide a small improvement to download speeds.
  • Made some general improvements to networking that should increase reliability.
  • Smoothed out the loading of images for display on either side of the message of the day.





-Red Bull Public Spaces

  • Removed Spaces (contract ended)




-Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove

  • Fixed bug where level progress would not save properly. Levels and game status now save correctly/

-Moon Forest Apartment and Clubhouse

  • Fixed a bug where audio would be distorted with active items and communication through microphones

-Konami SuperStar Jetsetter Luxury Plane Personal Space

  • Updated so people can sit in the hot tub
  • Updated TV so people can turn them off.

-The Casino by Digital Leisure

  • Various bug fixes and updates

-Old West Saloon by Digital Leisure

  • Various bug fixes and updates

-LOOT Sunset Yacht

  • Fixed several stability issues



-Core Spaces

  • Fixed bug where people would receive the Female Hockey Helmet and Female College Football Helmet every time they entered a core space

-The Mansion

  • Fixed a bug with the golden cars in the garage

-The Casino by Digital Leisure

  • Stability fixes for several casino games



-The Casino by Digital Leisure

  • Single Deck BlackJack added
  • Various updates bug fixes

-The Hub

  • Removed Street Fighter x Tekken


  • Removed Dead Island TGI Space
  • Removed UFC Public Space

-The Mansion

  • Fixed the Gold Carpet size bug



-Outfit Bug Fixes for:

  • Konami Secret Agent Formal Outfit
  • Leather Bikini

-Mall 1st Floor

  • Update

-The Casino by Digital Leisure

  • Update and bug fixes




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Re: "Patch" Notes - Updated 11/30/2011

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Jul 9, 2012


Home Patch 1.62

  • Fixed a collision bug that would cause numerous game disruptions

-Mall 2nd floor

  • Removed access to Wardrobe Wars from the 2nd floor of the Mall to fix several bugs. Access still available on 1st floor of the Mall


-The Casino by Digital Leisure

  • Various bug fixes to minigames and space

-Go Fish! by VeeMee

  • Various bug fixes to minigame, space, and rewards

-RC Rally

  • Added new challenges and rewards.



  • Various bug fixes

-LOOT Cabin Boy

  • Fixed issue where game would disconnect and freeze which would prevent players from accessing the game

-Bootleggers '29

  • Various bug fixes

-Hub Activity Board

  • Fixed issue where different languages would show up not in the default language


-LOOT Updates

  • Twitter functionality will automatically show the latest tweets from Crackle, RadioIO, Ustream, LOOT, PlayStation and Sony
  • Easier to find and join  LOOT EOD screen minigame
  • Faster loading time and many screen stability features  added
  • Avatars can once again sit down in the theater

-The Casino by Digital Leisure

  • Various bug fixes



-Pier Park

  • Fixed reward bug where the Female College Football Hlement and Female Hockey Helmet were not being rewarded after completing tasks. These are now being rewarded properly

-The Casino by Digital Leisure

  • Fixed a bug where Male Gators shoes reward was not being given. This is now being rewarded properly.


-Tekken Hybrid: Alisa Costume

  • Fixed a bug where the Alisa costume would not properly do the "rocket punch" custom animation.


-CodeGlue LED TVs

  • Fixed an issue where the TVs were not showing up in inventory after purchase

More info here:


-Aurora Bonus XP Items

  • Fixed issue where items were not giving bonus experience points in Aurora games

More info here:


Home Patch 1.6


Furniture Placement Limit

  • We have doubled the furniture placement limit in personal spaces and clubhouses from 50 to 100 items.
  • Standard and active furniture limits have been merged into the same system. Currently all actives take up 22 furniture slots in the new system. Thus you can now place a variety of different combinations:
  • 100 standard furniture items or…
  • 78 standard furniture items and 1 active or…
  • 56 standard furniture items and 2 actives or…
  • 34 standard furniture items and 3 actives or…
  • 12 standard furniture items and 4 actives.


Targeting in Personal Spaces

  • Targeting in personal spaces has been improved.
  • This means you shouldn’t accidentally target furniture items through floors or ceilings any more.
  • Although we have made exceptions for wall hangings and lights as these tend to be placed quite high up.
  • If you find any items of furniture in places you can’t reach then you can always remove them through the furniture browser and place them somewhere else.

Portable Items and Companions

  • We have changed the way that companion portables work so they will now automatically re-activate after you enter and leave a game or relocate between spaces. No more having to put your companion away and take them out again when you do this!

Help System

  • There is a new help system to aid new users as they explore PlayStation Home for the first time.

Arcade Games

  • Arcade games are no longer subject to the 3 minute inactivity timeout when placed as furniture in Personal Spaces or Clubhouses.


  • Menu Pad
  • We have removed the “Community” section of the Menu Pad. The information that used to be contained in here is now communicated via the Message of the Day pop-up at login and the new loading screens.


-Tekken Hybrid Bundle

  • Fixed issue where bundle would successfully download but would not appear in inventories.

More info here:


-Cutteridge items

  • Fixed issue where specific Cutteridge items were not appearing in inventories after purchase including
    • Cutteridge Estate space
    • Thulu Companion
    • Crying Lady of Cutteridge Estate Costume
    • Cutteridge Scarecrow Costume
    • Cutteridge Furniture Bundle

More info here:


-Konami Halloween Items

  • Fixed issue where several Halloween clothing items were being purchased but not appearing in inventories.

More info here:


-Sodium Bundle Missing Items

  • Fixed an issue where items were not given with the Sodium Bundle that were listed

More info here:


-Uncharted 3: Fortune Hunter Space

  • Fixed various issues including:
    • Not being able to pre-order Uncharted 3 from kiosk
    • The leaderboard not displaying data correctly
    • Challenges not registering as completed

More info here:


-Resistance 3 Diner and Station Public Space

  • Fixed freezing issues when trying to use the Resistance 3 mini-game and trying to access certain areas of the spaces.

More info here:


-Waterfall Terrace Personal Space

  • Fixed issues with placing furniture - Able to properly place furniture in the space
  • Fixed fishing mini-game - Game works properly and scoreboard is updated.

More info here:


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Re: "Patch" Notes - Updated 11/30/2011

Jul 18, 2012

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