Oct 11 2013
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playstation home mod ornament

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ok i went to the modnation space and did the mod race got all 5 in 5 mins and no reward but others there said they got a reward and even showed me it so is it just me or what cause it seems to still work for others

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Re: playstation home mod ornament

Oct 11, 2013

1) Sometimes items will appear a while after winning them. 


2) Have you checked your Storage?


3) We can also log out of Home and return.


4) Clearing our Cache sometimes works.


5) Try deleting and reinstalling Home.


6) If after this, the missing item does not show up, come to this forum and state exactly what the item is (spelling is important) and where it should have been obtained.


7) Lastly, you may also try contacting the item's Publish/Developer via their own forum or blogs.


Good luck.

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