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Aug 01 2012
By: Parapluie17 First Son 10 posts

Yeck Chimera Companion Missing

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My apologies for initially posting this message in the wrong section.  I'm new to the forum.
Here is my first post:

After the PSN maintenance on 7/26/12, my Yeck Chimera companion disappeared from my inventory.  It's not in my active companions or in my companion storage, and it disappeared from my purchases page.  The Yeck store doesn't show that I purchased it anymore, but I still have the email confirming I bought it in March.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I love my chimera companion and want it back!




To follow up, I received a refund for my companion yesterday.  (Thank you, SONY, for the speedy help.)  Since I love it so much, I purchased it again last night.  The transaction was successful and a download happened, however the Chimera is still missing.  SADNESS!  It isn't in my inventory (active or inactive.)  It doesn't show as purchased in the Yeck section of the Sidekicks store.  It isn't shown in my purchases within Home. I logged completely off and signed back in and it is still absent.  I did get an email confirming my purchase.  The money was removed from my wallet.  The transaction is listed in my transaction history of my account (outside of Home.)


I'll call SONY about a refund, but what I really want is the Chimera companion.  Did something happen to the Yeck store during the update?  What can I do to get my Chimera back?


Thanks for any help!



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Re: Yeck Chimera Companion Missing

Aug 1, 2012
Something seems to be going wrong with the YECK items. More info in this thread here:

I'll add your item to the list of items that are gone. If you can go ahead and post in the other thread so I can consolidate the information. Thanks!


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