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Jul 08 2013
By: GalaxyGlide Splicer 60 posts

RC Racer Progess Lost and Rewards Removed

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On July 7 I was reviewing my unfinished rewards.I noticed in my rewards received list that I only had 4 of the 5 RCRally truck companions.

When I entered the space, the Objectives Board showed all as now Incomplete. I played through again and completed everything through the 1st advanced objective and received the 1st 3 truck companions. When I completed the 2nd advanced track objective, the reward never posted. I tried the usual reload Home trick. When I reentered RC Rally, I noticed my objectives were al incomplete again. Worst, all my RC Rewards were now missing.

I reinstalled Home and cleared my cache. My progress and rewards were still missing. I replayed again through only the 1st objectives. I favorited my rewards. The game still does not save my progress. I was able to keep my rewards by favoriting them. I tried accessing RC Rally on a different ps3 and internet connection. The problem persists on the other setup also. The internet is via wired high speed cable.

This problem is on your end Sony. 

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