Feb 10 2013
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Need help with Playstation Home

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I know this is wrong catagory but i went on Playstation Home today went to a space was there for about 10 minutes it freezes then had to reset my ps3. Then i get back on home go to same space there for couple minutes it freezes again get network error F13 tried to log in again get network error M-16. Called sony and clear my files for corrupt data, got on home again there for like 30 minutes it freezes get M-16 error code again, then load it up again playing it for like an hour i go in my wardrobe for like 2 minutes then it freezes again had to shut ps3 off, got back on home about an hour later i'm in home for about 20 minutes it freezes again had to shut ps3 off, then got on again it froze about 10 minutes later i get M-16 error code again, i get back on for about 30 minutes it freezes when i'm in navagator. If these problems do not get fixed soon i will NEVER invest in home again even though ive spent about $300 on there but i will never go on it again because of these massive amounts of problems home has had. Thanks for listening to this mess.

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Re: Need help with Playstation Home

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Feb 10, 2013



For constant errors and freezes, the Home Support FAQ suggest clearing your cache, have you tried this yet?



Q) What can I do if I am having problems with freezing or frequent error messages in PlayStation®Home?


A) Please try the following: Clear your Home Cache.

We recommend trying this first. This can be done from within the Home Client, and will often help with freezing issues or constant error messages. This option will not cause you lose any content, but will require you to re-download every location.

  • Press the Start button while logged into Home and go to the Options menu. From here, navigate to Settings > Personal > Clear Cache
  • A message will pop up indicating that you will be temporarily disconnected from Home while the cache is clearing. Select ok, and then wait. This process can take a while if your cache is large.
  • When the cache is done clearing, you will be automatically logged back into Home.


The other suggestion would be to check your internet connection and make sure it's strong. Check out this thread for more details: Connection Issues, Ports, IPs, Troubleshooting Tips and Links!.

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Re: Need help with Playstation Home

Feb 11, 2013
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