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Feb 16 2013
By: Paystation_3 Wastelander 572 posts

My Edo Event score was reset back to pre 1.75 update O_O

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   When I logged onto Home today, I was forced to re upload all my saves again (I had originally done so on Wednesday. When I went to play at Edo, my score was brought down from 61,600 to 37,500. This was my score before the 1.75 update.

   The strange thing is that my leaderboard score is still 61,600, but my in-game score is only 37,500.

   When I clear missions, points are added to the 37K, but my leaderboard score is stuck at 61k. It even shows me as having the 40k & 60k rewards during the victory screen when my in-game score is only 37k.



My Samurai guardian also went from level 10 to level 1   -_-   Can someone at Sony please fix this problem for me?


I really hate this 1.75 Home update.

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First Son
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Re: My Edo Event score was reset back to pre 1.75 update O_O

Feb 17, 2013
My score in cutthroats also reset from 2651 to 2506. I posted in the wrong forum ( hopefully someone can move it for me so I don't preposterous). I payed for coins to buy my ammo so I fell like Sony has stolen money from me, not just my kills. Being on the leaderboard is literally the only point to the game so this is a major issue. I cant spend money on the game if I cant secure my kills, **bleep** is the point?
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