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Jul 12 2012
By: Joystick_Warrior PlayStation Support 3735 posts

[INFO] Clubhouse Skins FAQ

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Hey everyone. I have noticed there has been an increase in threads asking about clubhouses and skins. It seems there is some confusion as to how clubhouses work with the skins we have been recently releasing, so I'm hoping this FAQ clarifies some things for everyone. 


What is a clubhouse skin? How is it different from a clubhouse?

Clubhouse skins give your current clubhouse a different look and layout. You can do all the same things in your newly skinned clubhouse as you could in your original clubhouse. The only difference between a clubhouse skin and a clubhouse is that the skins cannot be used on their own, you must own the original clubhouse to use these skins. In other words, there is only one clubhouse that exists that anyone can customize with different skins. We've helped make this process easier by giving you the basic clubhouse for free with the purchase of any clubhouse skin! 


Can I use different Clubhouse skins on the same clubhouse?

Yes! All clubhouse skins are interchangeable with the basic Clubhouse that comes with every skin. If you buy more than 1 skin, you can change between them as often as you like. 


I can't customize my clubhouse skins! 

Only club owners/creators can customize the clubhouse skins. You cannot customize the skin if you are just a regular member of the club. 


I purchased a clubhouse but I can't find it in my Navigator! Where is it?

As a quick reminder Clubhouses are not personal spaces. You will find your clubhouses in your "My Clubhouse" section of the Navigator. 


To access the clubhouse and your skins, you must have created a club first. If you do not have a club start with these steps: Go to any space and go to the Clubs Tab in your PDA -> Create club. From there you can create a club. After you have created your club, choose to Activate your club. Go through the steps in creating the club and then go to your clubhouse. From here go to the next step.


From your PDA -> Social -> Clubs -> My Clubs -> Select your club -> Change Clubhouse and from there you choose your new clubhouse skin! NOTE: You must be in your clubhouse to change clubhouse settings 


From there you can change your clubhouse skin to any skin you have purchased!


What kind of Clubhouses are there?

The current list of Clubhouse skins are as follows:

  • Desert Haven Clubhouse
  • The War Room
  • Hidden Oak Retreat
  • Hillside Clubhouse
  • Plum Tree Pavilion 
  • Moon Forest Clubhouse
  • Island Bungalow
  • Nightlife Lounge
  • Crystal Seashores Clubhouse
  • Gothic Cathedral Clubhouse
  • Palace of the 7 Winds
  • Cutteridge Estate Clubhouse
  • Tuscan Villa Clubhouse
  • Men In Black Headquarters
  • The Space Station Clubhouse
  • Old West Saloon Clubhouse
  • Avalong Keep Clubhouse
  • Lock-a-doodle Studio Clubhouse
  • Musicality Clubhouse


I'm hoping this clarifies some confusion people were having with the clubhouses. :smileyhappy: If there are any other frequent questions I will most likely update this thread at that point. Thanks everyone! 



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