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Nov 29 2012
By: im4a0697 Splicer 55 posts

I need some HELP

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Every time im on the home and i open any of the stores or try to shop it locks up and have to shut system off? Been hapening for months now and cant bye station is lossing out on my money? Hope it isnt happening to other people. please fix problem please. I even have playstation plus. my sceran name is im4a0697 so you all can fix it mabey easier. someone send me a message on how to fix please?

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Re: I need some HELP

Nov 29, 2012

Hello, have you tried to old Home remedies?  

Try deleting Home and reinstalling it.

Or go to your Harbour Studio and clear your cache by pressing, 

Start > Options > Cache > Clear Cache.

This will temporarily log you out of Home.

You could also try deleting demo's with big files, or demo's that you do not play anymore. This will give the PS3 some room on your Hard Drive.

(Not sure if it'll help Home though.) 

Anyways, good luck.

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Re: I need some HELP

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Dec 1, 2012

Whatever you do, do not reformat your PS3 until you have saved your pictures, music, videos and game saves on an external drive. If you don't do this, you will lose everything.


I suggest that before you do this, try clearing your Cache, as mentioned, or deleting and reinstalling Home. Nothing will be lost.


And if you are using a wireless set-up, try switching to wired. Though wireless is great, any lag or disconnect issue is more pronounced due to other electronics in the area, obstacles such as walls and floors, weather conditions, distance between router and console and if other devices (such as another console or computer) using the router at the same time.


Try troubleshooting by moving either your router or console around, or by logging onto your account via a friend's PS3 (at their home - and your friend logging onto their account in your home). The problem could be your Provider or your PS3. 


Troubleshoot. Check things out. And if you have switched the type of connection, moved things around and cleared your Cache and/or deleted Home, only then take a chance and reformat your PS3 (after you have saved your pictures, videos, music and game saves to an external drive).


Do post your result here.

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