Nov 20 2012
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I joined the hub and it was empty...

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After playing ops 2 on 11-19-12, I joined Home Hub during the morning after going to my club. After that, I joined the Tycoon area and when I came back to the hub, it was completely empty! The entire hub...and I was just there a few minutes ago, about 10 minutes prior, I only decided to look around Home Tycoon to see what was going on. When I was there the first time, there were 100 people spanning all over the hub and club area, I came back just those few minutes later, nothing, not a single person, I was the only one there! After waiting for about 30 minutes or so, I joined Home Tycoon again to try re-joining The Hub, which i did. When I returned to the Hub a 3rd time, there were people present again around the spwan area, the club was still reletively empty still, about 4 or 5 people, but began filling up after I joined the 3rd time, waiting only a few seconds between leaving and comming back. I noticed however there were no other people covering the other side of the hub leading to the mall, or any general traffic that I'm accustomed to seeing there at the hub.


I know it seems odd, I'd never expect everyone to dissapear in Home and reappear. Is this normal? I'm sure there is some information out there that can help us all. Smiley Happy

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Re: I joined the hub and it was empty...

Nov 20, 2012

It sounds like you inadvertently stumbled into a private server.  This happens sometimes.  Once you are in a private server, usually the only way out is to reload Home, or go to a friend in a public space. 


It's also possible that you were the first person of a new "instance".  An instance is the name given to a space, such as the Hub.  Each public space can only hold 64 people.  Once a particular space if full, or almost full, another identical space opens up.  So if you ever check your navigator and see a friend is in the same space as you, but you can't find them, it's because they are in a different instance than you, although still in the same space.


Because of the large population of Home, it's possible to have 10 friends all in the Hub, but none of them are together in the same one.  An easy way to tell if one is in the same instance as you is the Go To option is not available, because they are already there.


Hope this helped.  Smiley Happy  Dean   

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Re: I joined the hub and it was empty...

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Nov 21, 2012

When a space is about to reach capacity, a new instance of that space is generated. Sometimes we may be the first person to that instance. Or if there are several instances of a space, as people leave, we may find ourselves the last person in the area.


Remember, there are millions of people who use Home, yet public spaces are not created to hold that many people. You and a friend can be at a space at the same time, yet not see each other because you're each in a different instance due to the number of people using Home at that moment and the number of instances of that space that exist at that time.

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