Feb 28 2013
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Home Tycoon - Network error

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on home tycoon i have a problem on this acc i was in the middle of a mission were i had to build and own three water towers and own two lakes i had the icob to select to build and own the lake park but than i got a network error and when i got back on the lake park icon to build and own wasnt there and it never came back up and i even deleted home before the update to see if that would fix it and restarted my harddrive also and it still didnt work and its still not working can you guys fix this for me please so i can continue to play the missions on home tycoon.



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Re: Home Tycoon - Network error

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Feb 28, 2013

I got a network error the other day when I arrived at my city.

I backed out hitting select and then went back. I still get the back out bug. I wish they would fix that too. Its so annoying!

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